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Today’s topic is ‘Is it better to live in the country or the city?

The best choice for people is to live in the city, which generally has more advantages than living in the city.

To begin with, living in the city is more convenient than living in the country. People would be able to journey every where even if they do not have a car, because the city has a large amount of public transport. As a result, people are able to save their time compared living in the country.

Secondly, the city has a wide range of choices of entertainment. For example, the city has cinemas, shopping malls, bars and clubs. People can hang out with their friends in those facilities. As a consequence, their life style might be more interesting.

Finally, city life is very beneficial for children to obtain a good education. The city has a large number of schools, which means children have a wide range of choices to study. As a result, their knowledge are more than the country children.

In conclusion, living in the city has more advantages than living in the country.

IKEDA Shunsuke

Author IKEDA Shunsuke

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