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Today I just do writing. It’s not interesting for everyone to see it. This is for me. Recently I’m just thinking about studying English. I need to make effort!! My purpose is to enter the university, not to enjoy Australian life,so today’s writing topic is :which is better to travel in a group or alone.

Some people believe that alone is better to travel than in a group, I personally fell that it is more exciting for people travel in a group.

To begin with, it is much safer for people to travel with their friends.For example, if people get injured or get sick, others will be able to take care of them.Furthermore, if people walk alone, thieves might easily steal their wallet or passport.

Secondly,people can share their memories and play games together.For example, if one of their friends would like to take pictures, they can take pictures very easily. As a result, their friendship becomes much stronger than before.

Finally, people can share money to each other. A restaurant, a hotel and tour which costs is much cheaper than alone if people split each other. Consequently, people are able to do other things.

In conclusion, to travel by yourself can lead to very good time, to travel with your friends are more enjoyable.



IKEDA Shunsuke

Author IKEDA Shunsuke

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