G’day mate!

Yesterday I joined the charity marathon(12km), so my hole body hurts.

Anyway today I’m going to practice the writing about Email.


I plan to arrive on 6 August in order to find some temporary rented accommodation. I would not require anything too expensive, preferably somewhere with good shopping facilities nearby and not too far from the school. Could you recommend two possible areas?

Best regards

John Simpson

Dear Mr John Simpson

Thank you for informing me of the date of your arrival. There is a wide choice of reasonably priced rented accommodation available in the city. Here are just two areas that you might like to consider.

East Perth has a wide choice of transports and beautiful nature, so you would take less than twenty minutes to journey to the school, despite not being closer to centre of the city. Moreover, there are adequate facilities for shopping and activities such as very big shopping centre which has famous brand stores and long time open supermarkets.

Another possibility is Perth city, which is a centre of the city and slightly more expensive than East Perth. It is easy for you to journey to the school, and shopping centre. You would take less than five minutes by foot or bicycle. However there is a good deal of noise because of the centre of the city.

I hope you find this information useful. I look forward to seeing you in August.

Kind regards

Shunsuke Ikeda

IKEDA Shunsuke

Author IKEDA Shunsuke

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