G’day mate!! 

Last week I joined the rugby team, which called Panasonic Wild Knights, as a trainer. It was amazing experience and opportunity fot me. I got the polo shirt and jersey with players name. I really appreciate them to accept me to work there. They are kind, strong and hilarious. I’ll never forget the days I spent with them to drink and play games haha. I hope they win first place in this season.

By the way.recentry I spent most of time to do a essay writing  which is so hard for me. I go to the school and after that I usually go to the library…..that’s it!!! It sounds like boring, doesn’t it?? I don’t go to a pub and club anymore. It’s okay that’s life. Hiro said if I  start my mainstream, I won’t have time compared to now. Oh my god I can’t imagine. Even this course I don’t have enough time. Anyway, what should I do?? ……I know I have to focus on right now not future and past. Just right now!! It’s my own choice it’s not my parents and friend’s choice. They are just encouraging me. Okay I’ll do the best for them and myself.

If you can dream it, you can do it.-Walt Disney

Cherrs from Curtin library 


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