How’s going,mate??

Today I’m going to write about footy.

Do you know footy?? If people live in Australia,they would know it,because I think footy is one of the popular sports in’s Australian rules football,which is a contact sports. Such as a soccer,handball,rugby and American football.

Points are scored by kicking the oval-shaped ball between the opposing goal posts or behind posts.



Actually I didn’t know footy when I was in Japan.

My friend told me about footy after that I’m crazy about footy.

I’m supporting Fremantle Dockers,which is team of AFL in Perth.

Unfortunately recently it’s not strong but now they winning 2 games straight. I’m so excited!!

And also one day I wanna work in a high school footy team as a Physio. 






IKEDA Shunsuke

Author IKEDA Shunsuke

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