How’s going mate?

Today I’m going to write about the recent topic.

I went to Bruno Mars concert in Perth. It was super awesome!! I’m going to introduce him for those who don’t know him. He is a American singer songwriter who was born in Hawaii.His father was a musician, so he has started to play the instrument since he was born.He is a thoroughbred. Actually I liked him before I went to his concert but now I really love him.It means that music, dance and performance are perfect. I’m crazy about him! Recently I always listen to music haha.And I was surprised at things while the concert. Audience danced when he sung a song.It was totally different from Japan.In Japan audience just crap hands.I’ve never seen dancing people in Japan.It was very interesting for me.Of cause I also danced, but my friends said my dancing was terrible!! I have to learn from Bruno Mars!!

By the way, now I have a cold.It’s easy for me to get sick when the seasons are changing.I feel to change the season.

Take care and thank for reading my blog.



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